《跟上兔子》英语读后感 时间:2020-07-18 我要投稿




  This book introduces: the cases of rabbit to open spa, cases of rabbit was first opened, domineering bully rabbit to rabbit asked this into, also said not to spa, cases of rabbit dont want to be bullies rabbit hit pavilion, with the building of investors, mr. Rabbit for help, investors barr rabbit will just hired over security ayman al dog gave the rabbit.end of the month, the overlord rabbit came with the rascal rabbit to collect money, security ayman al dog a roar away the rascal rabbit, overlord rabbit dont give up, with the security guard one-on-one hit ayman al the dog, the overlord rabbit was beaten defeated and flee.

  This story tells us: some people may be arbitrary, but not necessarily, bullying i hope those people be careful!From those who do those things before, i think the advice people, no matter what you do, should give yourself a posterior, otherwise, you sooner or later, pound-foolish.on the surface of the outpouring of bullying is not terrible, terrible is the hidden deep in the heart of bullying.There are a lot of people, society seems to be arbitrary, like bullies rabbit, because everyone saw his domineering, so his guts;However, there is such a society, they more terrible than the overlord rabbit!They appear a polite surface appearance, looks is respected by people, also it is admired by people, but in their heart of hearts, is filled with ambition more terrible things than the overlord rabbit.Their sinister in silence, they use peoples respect and admiration for them, to do a lot of nasty things than the overlord rabbit.And those kind-hearted people will turn, through the crisis.









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